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MaryAnna Stover

Resource Manager

Maryanna manages all the people involved in the business as well as all the separate products we produce. She also manages our shareholders and their benefits and property. She manages the business branding. She manages our lenders.
She looks at the whole picture and moves all the puzzle pieces around to work in one giant symphony.


Mountain Grove, MO

A Bit About Me

Organize, inspire and empower people to heal and strengthen families

That is my personal life's mission. I love to help people to help people.
Growing up in a familiy band with 8 siblings gave me an amazing skill and love for people.
I alwasy knew I wanted to live on a self sustanable farm and raise a boatload of kids that would go out and ghange the world. When I met Jonathan and he started to tell of all his visions for the good he could do for the land and people on it I knew that we were made for eachother.
I alwasy belived he would one day do what he invisioned aand i spent the first 8 years of our marriage cheering him on while i rasied our children and to managment courses so i could run our home as smoothly as a mulit -million dollar corperation.

I was living my dreams in a beautiful 5 bedroom home on a five acre farm that I love. I spent my days homeschooling, planning events and always learning new ways to help me and the people do what we do better.

One day inbetween cleaning up messes and milking the cow I had a long conversation with my discouraaged husband about why he wasnt doing aanything like he wanted to be doing after he had been trying so hard in so many ways for so long. He said something he had said many times before "I just don't know how to sell myslef" for some reason it hit me that I could sell! After talking to many other people about my new idea of taking a lead paart in building the farm my husaband invisoned I came up with a plan and pursued it.

Work Experience

June 2025 - April 2026

July 2024 - May 2025

January 2023 - June 2024

I started out as a salesperson at the age of 6. Since we were in the preformance industry I not only learned how to get a sale but how to sell myself and our ideas. by the time i was 16 I was gettin gbookings for our band, managing all our customer service, products, inventory, socil media, website, video content and more.
All my business experance has been a great help to me as I know what it takes to be great in each field and what they all need to work together smoothly

At 18 I start planning inticrate events with s=many moving parts and managing lots of people doing may jobs.

I worked with cosutming, invitations, catering, entertainment, themeing, decorating, baking, shcedule, budget, timeline  and evry aspect of pulling together an elabortate ball and dinner party, highschoo graduation or a traditonal wedding. This was by far the job i most enjoy and i use many of these aspects to manage our farm in such a way thaat brings delight and wonder to everyone involved.

After I married and had several children i wanted to learn more about product based buisness so i would oneday be able to manage the sales from our won organic farm. I took a buisnies class and started my own hand painted jewelry business to practice on. I enjoyed a lot of aspects of it including the creation of a brand peaple would fall in love with as well as many marketing techniques and subscription based models.

We had many big visions for this business and I knew i had a unique prudcut that could go far.
But we decided it was time to close the doors so I could devote more time to moving closer to our actual goal of produicng and selling orcanic food.

I was really excited to attend a holistic managment training with my husband and really enjoyed learning more abou tmanaging animals in a whay that benefits the lan, enviromet, and comunity.

A fe months later we attened the Ranching For Profit School in OKC and went through intense training on both the managment of grass and animilas as well as extensive buisness planning, organization, and managment. I thoughly enjoyed it and can't wait to go back as I am sure I will never be able to learn everything. 

January 2023 - June 2024

January 2023 - June 2024

January 2023 - June 2024

Shortly after the jewelry business we began breeding  unique breed of dogs, bassetoodles. They were a wild success an di enjoyed the business and really got to learn excelent customer service. This busniss greatly improved my skills at managing all the aspects of buisness in a structured maner and heloed me learn much more about accounting. I applied all I learned form the prevous experiances.

Home Management class to run my home like a business

January 2023 - June 2024

Started Stover and Co Farms

January 2023 - June 2024

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