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What will the coat be like?

A cross between a poode and a hound their hair is longer an wavey compared to a basset hond. but not tight curls like a poodle. They varry in shedding but it is way less then a basset hound! They don't need hair cuts like a poodle but some of our families prefer them to be shaved 1-2 times a year. They don't need brushing but it still is a benefical acivity they can enjoy.

What do you have available?
When is your next litter?

You can see all of our avalible puppies under the puppies tab. If their picture does not have a ribbon across it saying reserved or sold then it is available. We plan one litter a year per mother.

How  does payment plan work?

We have three payment plan options: If you are previously approved by PayPal you can use their equal payment option. It will apply to your whole order including delivery and any add ons as well as be interest-free. ​ Our 3 and 6-month payment plans show up right on the puppy page before you click to reserve. They do cost a little extra to cover extra costs and inflation. Full payment is required before delivery. They payments will come out of your account automatically and will stop when finished.

How soon can we get our puppy?

This varries for each family. Generaly you can expect one to three weeks. Since we are just a regular family and Jonathan works a regular job, we will have to find a time that works for us as well as you. For close trips we often come on Saturday For further trips we have to take time off and decide if it will be a family trip (our preference) or if only Jonathan will be coming. ​ Other factors to the timetable are whether you are doing six-month payment plan or not, how far away you live, if you have paid for a two-week potty training head start, and how soon we can get a vet appointment.

I read Basset hounds are prone to being obese what should I do to prevent that?

There is a lot that goes into the health of a dog. Great ways to combat obesity are quality food that has no grain (we use Valu Pak), a feeding schedule or automatic timed feeder, and plenty of room and time to exercise.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer several discounts including but not limited to: Police members Service dogs Adoptive/ Foster families Nursing Homes Friends and family of one of our puppy families Please contact us to find out if you qualify!

Do You Have a Trial Period? What if it Doesn't Work Out?

We have a 7-day 100% money-back guarantee if you change your mind before your puppy is delivered! Fees may apply for visits. After the 7-day period and before your puppy is delivered there is a $15 fee per day from when you purchased the puppy to the day you canceled. The purchaser is strongly advised to have the puppy vet checked within three days of receiving the puppy. If the vet certifies that there is any problem that makes the puppy unfit for sale, provided the puppy is returned in the same condition as when it was sold, and within seven days, the breeder will take the puppy back and refund the purchaser the full purchase price. The breeder will not refund any delivery fee paid by the purchaser. The breeder will not pay expenses incurred in the return of a puppy nor accept any claim for distress caused by the return. The breeder will only refund half the cost of a microchip and potty training if opted for at the time of purchase. If for any other reason the purchaser would like to return the puppy within 28 days there is a flat fee of $750 to compensate us for our time in coordintion as well as for any trauma and extra emotional stress that the dog may go through which may make the dog less fit for another home. If circumstances occur where it becomes necessary to re-home the dog, the breeder must first be notified and given an opportunity to take back the dog.

What are Bassetoodles

The Bassetoodle is a rare and new breed, a cross between the Basset Hound and the Poodle.  They are sociable, friendly dogs that have an abundance of devotion, and love being near to their humans A pleasant, sweet-natured companion, the Bassetoodle fits that bill. They love to cuddle on the couch, go for a walk, or play in the park making them perfect pets for families.

Shots and Health

All our puppies come with a complete health exam and all shots. They are dewormed and are treated for flea, mites and ticks. We will include all medical records. We recommend you take your puppy to a vet within 3 days of receiving him to make sure he is in the same condition he left home.

Can we pick up our puppy to save on fees?

We prefer to deliver our puppies so we can see their new home. Also since our puppies are raised in our home and we have small children we value our privacy and the safety of our children and dogs to not have unknown visitors.  We have occasionaly met families halfway or had them meet Jonathan while he is on a business trip to their area. We do this on a case by case baisis and offer discounts depending on the arangment.

Why should we microchip? Does it hurt?

A microchip is a miniture device — about the size of a grain of rice — that’s implanted just underneath your pet’s skin (usually between the shoulder blades). The electronics are housed inside a bio-glass sleeve, which is completely safe for both pets and humans. ​ When viewed under a microchip scanner, the chip emits a radio frequency that reveals your dogs a special number, like social security number. A vet, animal control officer, or shelter can look up the number in an online registry and get your contact info and let you know they have your missing pet. ​ It’s important to note that you must complete the online registry or they will not be able to reach you. Some great things about using a microchip are: They last 25 years They can't get lost or broken in case your tag does It's quick and relatively painless The database is national Your personal information is not available to every random stranger If your pet is lost or stollen it proves your ownership ​ A microchip is not a GPS tracker it is only useful if your pet is found or handed over to someone with a scanner. ​ As far as pain goes it is very similar to getting a routine shot.

Are you a backyard breeder?

The answer is yes! But before you leave let me explain what that means to us. We are small and family owned. Our kids and dogs enjoy learning, playing, and loving together. We spend time with our dogs and puppies every day and are able to notice if they have problems right away. We can help you choose which puppy is right for you since we know each puppy. We can personally deliver each puppy, so she is always with a loving family. We are not a big and fancy breeder or pet store, but we raise the healthiest and happiest dogs we can.

Do you spay/neuter your puppies?

Spayed/neutered dogs need to be kept still and quiet for several weeks and we believe they will travel better and adjust better if they have their surgery after settling in to thei rnew home.

Do you refund reservations?

Yes, there is a full money-back guarantee on reservations before they are born After they are born there is a $15 per day fee deducted. After the puppy is born and chosen regular refund policy applies. Your reservation fee can be credited towards the next litter with no fees if for up to two litters. after which you forfite your deposit. If our mama dogs die, don't get pregnant or for some other reason we are not able to provide puppies your reservation is 100% refundable.

Potty Training

We offer two weeks' head start on potty training. It is hard to say how much they will learn as each puppy is different. Some level of re-training will be necessary as they adjust to a new family and home. Our methods: We use a crate to train our puppies, taking them to a designated spot in the yard on a schedule appropriate to their age. We use a lot of treats and praise whenever they go outside and if they have an accident we clean it up without shame.

Application Process

Bringing home one of our puppies is simple and safe. At the time you reserve a puppy you will answer one simple question: What is your experience with dogs? We reserve the right to refuse to sell you a puppy based on your answer. We deliver all of our puppies personally to their new families. This way we get to meet you. If for any reason, we feel you are an unfit home before we give you possession of our puppy, we will return your payments in full. Before you check out please review the policies and terms on the checkout page which you will sign upon receiving your dog

Do you have more/recent pictures? What about videos and video calls?

By far the question we get the most! We are happy to get more pictures and send them to you of the puppy you are most interested in via email. Please just contact us via the contact form or use the chat button below. ​Yes, we have videos! Find them on our instagram! or use the contact form to ask for a clip of a specific pup. We have done video calls before and enjoy introducing our puppies to new people especially if we are just waiting for delivery to their new family.

We just lost our loved pet and aren't quite ready to get another, what are the options?

Most of our customers have recently lost a pet or expecting to soon. We are very sorry for your loss and are happy that one of our puppies can come and help fill the void in your heart even though they could never replace your lost friend.

Are you licensed?

We are not licensed. We were planning to become licensed but decided not to for a few reasons. We value the privacy and safety of our pets and children and believe a stranger arriving at random times would put that in jeopardy. We do our best to keep our pet's welfare and safety in mind at all times and we believe trying to mark all the boxes can actually be detrimental to our pet's safety and mental health. We are not required to under state or federal law since we meet face to face with all our buyers, do not sell wholesale, or have more than a few dogs.

Why should we not just adopt a rescue dog?

There are many pros and cons to adopting a dog and just as many to buying a puppy from a loving family like us. But it comes down to a personal decision on what is right for your family. I would not tell you what your choice should be no more than weather someone should adopt or have a biological child.


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