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Cultivating creation's abundance to protect, heal, and build up families and land so that they are empowered to go and live their best lives.


Invest with 7 families in a self-sustainment farm collective that is an actively managed and self-supporting model both before and after a crisis event. All profits generated by the enterprise are reinvested in making it more self-perpetuating before and after a crisis. You will have access to FOOD and WATER if you show up, as well as communal tools and expertise that you can leverage to give your family SHELTER and COMFORT. Meanwhile, SAFETY, though not guaranteed, is a mutual responsibility in which everyone will contribute under the direction of an EX-Green Beret

Home Grown Squash


Country Walk


Three acres of undeveloped land you can do with whatever you like!
Big to small; your choice!

One example could include:

  • 5 sheep with babies.

  • 1 milk cow

  • 40 laying hens

  • 3 dogs

  • 4 bedroom home

  • 100-foot pit greenhouse

  • 40 fruit trees

  • Shop

  • Small wheat field.

  • Tornado/bomb shelter

  • Food storage cellar


Hunting and Outdoors

You will have access to the whole farm for hunting and hiking for your enjoyment at all times as well as to provide food for your family. 

Tractor at Work

Community Shop and tools

A shop, tools, and equipment which we will always be improving and adding to will be available to use to help build a house, plant and harvest a garden, preserve your food, fix your car, dig a pit greenhouse, and more!
We are planning on starting with basic mechanical & building tools and quickly adding an excavator, and a basic tractor.

Green Energy Turbines

Water and Electricity

With a well and electricity t the central community center for everyone to use you have the option to have it close by or have it affordable piped to your acreage.

Electric will be on-grid at the beginning with the goal to add off-grid systems later.

If you prefer to be off-grid you can build your own systems for your land.

Outdoor Reading

Resource Library

The use of all the books videos, websites, and more that we have collected and found useful over the years on topics such as:

  • Building tiny houses

  • Building earth houses

  • Greenhouses

  • Soil health

  • composting

  • breadmaking

  • Natural medicine

  • living off-grid

  • Cooking healing foods

  • and way more!

Outdoor Dinner

Community Events and Hall

We will host educational and entertaining events throughout the year for our enjoyment, betterment, and community-enhancing benefit.

We hope to build a comunity hall for these events and for the use of work parties, preserving food and more.

Vegetables in Paper Bags


All the organic food produced on the farm is available for your purchase at wholesale/ member prices. Or in some cases they are free and pick your own.
The food we intend to grow includes:

  • Many 13+ varieties of fruits 

  • Nuts such as pecans, pistachios, and hazelnuts

  • All garden vegetables.

  • Grain crops of wheat and corn

  • Meat such as beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, and pork.

  • Milk and eggs.

In the event of a crisis, all food will be shared based on family size and availability as well as the type of crisis, Our community may also need to work together on a barter economy.

Community Garden

Experts and Models

We will teach you and show you with our own projects how to plant gardens, build greenhouses, build alternative homes, grind your own grain to bake bread, preserve your food, and more!


Community Defence

The benefit of cooperating with a community of people working together for protection under the instruction and leadership of an ex-Green Barret.


Stacks of Coins


A $5000 downpayment to reserve your spot and only $500 per month! If at any time you no longer wish to be part of this project we will look for someone to take over your land and payments but this may take some time.

Veteran Memorial Service


Though our goal is to live in such a way as to not draw attention to ourselves and not need to defend ourselves.

If the need should arise we would need your Cooperation and teamwork under an ex-green barrette officer to help protect the community in the worst-case scenario

Building Homes


Build your own homes, RV pads, greenhouses, & fencing. You can do whatever you dream up for your own piece of land but it is all your own time and money. Though we would hope that the community members would enjoy working together and helping each other out!

Carpenter at Work


It is our hope that you will want to use your own skillset and resources to better the community's self-sustainability if you should come to live here at any time either temporarily or permanently.

We are currently looking for a Sales and Marketing Manager

Pear Tree



Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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We do not guarantee that your attempts to garden, build a house, raise animals, preserve food, or any other project you might attempt with or without instruction will succeed.

We do not guarantee that you will be safe from any crisis man-made or natural disaster of any kind. 

We do not guarantee that you will always have enough food for your family while living on the farm.Though we have estimted what what we think we will need if we all have to live here full time and are building the systems around this.

We do not guarantee that we will have every tool, equipment, or resource you might need when you need it.

We do not guarantee that we can find someone suitable to take over your land and payments if you should want out, especially on short notice. You will receive no compensation for any payments you have made since this model is set up to be of use to you right away.


We do not guarantee that you will always have electricity since the power will be on-grid until we can improve it.

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