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Shop and Equipment

We keep the equipment needed for our operations very low to improve our self-sustainability and connection to the animals and produce so that we can have better quality. A few basic items will be needed, though. Most of the equipment will be a benefit to our shareholders that they can use for their own projects.

Image by James Baltz


An Excavator is needed to dig the pit greenhouse, install water, sewer, and electricity lines, and install irrigation.

These upgrades will significantly increase how many animals we can have and the self-sustainability in not needing hay and being more resistant to drought.


It costs $15,000 and 00000 in annual upkeep, fuel, and depreciation.

Small Shop

A small shop will enable us to keep our equipment running smoothly as well as be an asset for our shareholders



Kabota Tractor

We plan to purchase a tractor with three attachments, including a plow for tilling and planting our gardens and grain fields, unrolling bales, and other things. It costs $30,000 with $1000 payments and is 00000 in upkeep, fuel, and depreciation over 40 years.

Tractor in Field

A Mule

 Jonathan uses a 4x4 to quickly get around the farm to spend more time analyzing and caring for the animals and plants.

He also uses it to carry fencing, feeding, and planting supplies.

A four-wheeler cost 10,000 to buy and $1,000 in fuel repairs and depreciation over 15 years.

Kitchen & Appliances

We will invest in four freezers, fridge, and a small kitchen equipped with small equipment such as a pressure canner, hand-crank grinder, and a butter churn.

The cost to install such a kitchen is 0000 upkeep. 

Young man grinding grain

Milk & Egg Kiosks

We will invest in a milk and egg kiosk so customers can conveniently serve themselves; this will cut down on sales and marketing costs, making our farm more profitable and self-sustainable.


The cost to install, repair and replace such a machine is $12,000

Delivery Van

We are very excited about our modern-day "Milk Wagon"!
Local families can order fresh produce, meat, and eggs that we will deliver weekly to their door!

We believe this convenient way to get wholesome food will increase our customer base, making us more profitable and self-sustainable.

Such a van's initial cost is 17,000. Operation, repairs, and depreciation we believe will be $6,204 a year

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