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Who We Are


Resource Manager

MaryAnna Stover

Maryanna manages all the people involved in the business as well as all the separate products we produce. She also manages our shareholders and their benefits and property. She manages the business branding. She manages our lenders.
She looks at the whole picture and moves all the puzzle pieces around to work in one giant symphony.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

Sales and Marketing Manager


The sales and marketing department is extremely complicated and very important to our farm. We work in both wholesale and retail both on and off the farm. Our Sales department works with website, social media,  local events and on farm events. We sell many food products such as beef, lamb, pork, chicken, eggs, dairy, fresh vegetables and fruit, grain, canned and baked goods. We hope to expand to  more convinet business modle with wither a subscription box style delivery or direct delivery from our frm to your door in our own "milk wagon"

(this department will likely have several sub departments)

Business People


Board of Advisors

We don't always know what will be besst for us, our charholders and our customers. We have aboard of advisors we turn to to help us staay on the stright and narow and do what is best for evert one.

Our team is consisted of Name; attorny, Executive Link: RFP ulimni board: business consulting, Name; sucurty etc. etc

Jonathan Stover

Agricultural Manager

Jonathan Stover

Jonathan exensivly reserches soil development and animal genetics. He is constaly working on how to better ustlize the rainfal, improve the soil to produce healthier animals all while keep the cost of production minimal. He plans where each animaal is at all times for the best use of our resources and the health of the land and animals. He plans where very plant goes for its best chaance at abundance. Jonathan is always learning a better way to manage our agricultral resources for their and our benefit



Charis Tenney

Charis is incredibly tallented at looking at all the numbers and keeping them stright. She helps us all keep going by making sure the money we need is where we need it and doesn’t all get sucked away in taxes….lol I have no idea what she does actly but we would be screwed without her.


Head of Security

Joel Balyeat

Joel is an expert on security an dmilitary knowlage. He giudes us in what practices will keep us the most safe from know and predicted threats. He helps us to be aware and prepared for what problems will and may arise to threaten the way of life we know and how to not only survive but thrive in ll curcumstances. He is well equiped for such a task being an ex-green bertte officer, policman, and constaly educating himself

Image by Nathan Dumlao



Our shareholders are the most important members of the team. They are the ones that saw the vison to create a self sustainable farm and bring healthy food to the people while managing for crisis. The encourage us to keep going and always aim higher and better.

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