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We are a fun-loving family of 6 currently residing on a farm in Missouri where the children and dogs get to grow, play and learn together all day.
The children enjoy caring for and playing with the dogs and puppies, each having a special bond with one of the dogs, which they call their own. The dogs are a friend and companions and teach the children many things from unconditional love to responsibility.
We enjoy new ideas and experiences and are just starting to build a country farm life for our family to raise sheep, dogs, rabbits, and chickens.
We appreciate being able to enjoy health and freedom of fresh air, sunshine, and growing our food.
Jonathan loves taking Dallas for a run, and it reminds him of growing up on a farm, taking his dog for bike rides, hanging out with his sweet, chill cat named Sir Malcolm, and raising sheep for 4H. He is looking forward to providing the same quality of life for his children.
MaryAnna is a fun-loving, carefree mom who loves learning and playing with her children—taking each day as an exciting new adventure. MaryAnna has always wanted to live on a farm and have animals. She has enjoyed connecting with Stella as they nurture their little ones and keep everyone else in line.

At Stover & Co. our mission is to raise healthy and happy dogs to be a friend, companions, and teachers to loving families so that they can know genuine friendship and devotion. 
We treat everyone with integrity, the way we wish to be treated, with kindness and respect. We are raising the happiest & carefree dogs we can with the best love and friendship we can give. We nurture life and health in everything we touch, trying to leave the whole world a better place than we found it.


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Jonathan Stover



MaryAnna Stover



Stover Children



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